Author – Matthew London

In the last two labs we have learnt how to build an elektroslush, on a breadboard and a perfboard.

By following the schematic on the lab materials I was able to successfully build a prototype on a breadboard. After going over what you need to keep in mind when moving the prototype to a perfboard I am confident I can do move it over. The things you need to keep in mind are:
– Perfboard connections
– Cutting the connections between certain elements of the circuit to avoid short circuiting

We also learnt how to test the circuit. You can test the voltage divider by setting the multimeter to measure volts and connecting the multimeter to ground and to the positive voltage, the multimeter should display approximately +4.5V. If you then connect it to the negative voltage output, it should display -4.5V. You can also use the continuity mode on the miltimeter to test that connections in the circuit are correct.

We have also looked at and discussed the different ways to encase the elektroslush, these are sandwich casing and an enclosed case. Personally, I like the enclosed casing, the following is one that I personally find really good.

Moving forward, I plan the solder the elektroslush to a perfoard, I also plan to arrange the components on the perfoard to fit a specific encased design. I also want to add an LED which will display whether the elekroslush is on or off.

Here is a photo of my prototype.