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Month January 2021

Tutorial 3: Noise

In todays lab we explored the ways to calculate the noise generated by conductors. All conductors create noise at temperatures above Absolute Zero(-273 degrees celcius). How much noise is created depends on three factors: Temperature, bandwidth and resistance. The signal… Continue Reading →

What we learnt today

We first revised the formulas for working out the frequency with the period and vice versa, and the RMS of a signal. We then figured out how to calculate what time delay you need to cancel a signal, and that… Continue Reading →

What we learnt today:

Authors: Michal Kais, Eddie Clijsen RMS measures a constant power of a wave How phasing and flanging works A wave can be cancelled by adding another wave that’s exactly the same, but delayed by 1/2T

What we learned today

Authors: Arifs Mehtijevs and Oren Smith Arifs – It was a great revision of things we studied years back. Oren – It was good to go over conversion between degrees and radians as it has been a while since I… Continue Reading →

What I learned today

Authors: Name1 & Name2 Today I revised the unit circle and the relationship between radians and degrees.

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